Download SimSimi free for android

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Download SimSimi apk free to have an opportunity to meet the smart and funny chicken at present. This is an automatic talking app that allows you to send messages and receive the most hilarious answers immediately.

Download SimSimi free for android

SimSimi apk is the most interesting automatic talking app nowadays

Download SimSimi for android to own the hottest automatic chat software. It allows users talk and interacte with a smart robot chicken that can answer quickly your messages with funny sayings. The range of vocabulary of this chicken becomes rich thanks to what you enter and answers of users all around the world. Therefore, you need to spend a lot of time interacting and talk to this robot chicken to get more new and funny responses.

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SimSimi apk supports users expand its vocabulary and many new features

SimSimi apk free download sometimes encounters a lack of data to respond your message. On the screen, at that time, will show the line: “I have no response”. You can fix it by choosing the Teach card and instructing the robot chicken to answer in your own language. Let’s teach the chicken say what you want, mark and record bad language. If this bad language Simsimi answers appears twice, it will be deleted automatically.

Download SimSimi free for android3

SimSimi apk free download is presently available in many different languages, which is convenient for everyone.

In addition, SimSimi apk is added many new attractive features such as the ability to save all messages, regularly updating the new icon of the cute chicken. Besides, its vocabulary is also always broadened to become newer and more interesting.