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Piano titles 2 apk is a music game requires players to have quick fingers and rapid eyes to touch the black keys to create melodious tunes. Download Piano titles 2 free to become a true musician to win melodious tunes from classic to modern

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Piano titles 2 – a music game challenges your fingers’ fastness

To play Piano titles 2, first you choose your favorite song. When it starts, the black and white piano keys will drift down with gradually increased speed due to the rhythm of the song. Note that the piano keys will go faster so players must be really quick to achieve the highest score

Download Piano titles 2 apk for Android free1

Piano title 2 connects all players around the world

App Piano titles 2 provides players different levels so you can try the one that suitable with your ability. New tracks will appear after you successfully complete your choosen track. Besides you can compete with your friends on Facebook to see who has the highest score and if you’re capable of to be on top.

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Game Piano titles 2 will bring a different sense of music soul to you and competitive playing with friends. Download Piano titles 2 for Android to compete with players all around the world.